MOUNTAIN’S GOAT focuses on the essential and beautiful, that makes every day special. We and our products stand for the joy of life, lightness, curiosity and balance. With origins in the mountains of Austria and home in the world, we want to live up to an urban and modern lifestyle while being in harmony with nature.

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With this blog we want to share inspiration & knowledge in articles ranging from lifestyle to herbalism. We also have fantastic signature drinks – with and without alcohol – that enhance our exceptional Alpen Tonic!

MOUNTAIN’S GOAT – what does it mean?

We love our time in the mountains. From hiking to the slopes, the alpine world offers so many great facets, there’s something for everyone. We want to embody the same with our regional, refreshing Alpen Tonic.

The name MOUNTAIN’S GOAT is not only inspired by our beautiful home, the mountain world Hohe Tauern, but also by other alpine native creatures, the goat

These sociable animals are real climbing aces, curious and always active. Goats can feel at home anywhere, even on the edge. They stand for lightness, curiosity, and dashing sauciness. Goats are simply the perfect symbol for carefree and happy get-togethers among friends, both in the urban jungle and on the Alpine peaks.


Fun fact: Goats are not only extremely smart, they can also sense moods. Goats interact more when you look friendly. However, if your facial expression is grim, they turn away and want nothing to do with you. So grab a MOUNTAIN’S GOAT & smile at the whole world. Click here to go to the online store. Click here to go to the Online-Shop.

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