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The Alpen Tonic is not only developed in the Alpine region, but also produced near Salzburg. In addition, most of the ingredients come from the Alpine region.

quinine free

Our bitter note "quinine" does not come from the cinchona bark from South Africa like classic tonic water, but from regional bitter alpine herbs such as wormwood, mugwort, rodwort and rue.

reduced sugar

Due to the high quality ingredients and their full taste, almost half less sugar is used in our Alpen Tonic than in conventional tonic water.

Our vision

We want to create joie de vivre, which suits an urban and modern lifestyle but at the same time stands in harmony with nature. MOUNTAIN'S GOAT stands for pleasure that focuses on the essentials and beauty of life and makes every day special with fun and joy.


MOUNTAIN'S GOAT on the rocks


Enjoy MOUNTAIN'S GOAT on the rocks, as an alcohol-free aperitif or as a classic mixer.


Goaties from the blog

With this blog we want to give you inspiration for lightness and joie de vivre, with articles on lifestyle in the urban jungle, herbalism, mountaineering and even the ingenious Alpine peaks. And of course we offer you special mixer recipes with our extraordinary alpine tonic!

Meet us on the rocks or in the mountains.


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Oh by the way ... we love goats!

Goats yes goats ... goats are probably the coolest animals around and perfectly represent the character of MOUNTAIN‘S GOAT. Playful, a little bold and with a lot of joie de vivre.

The sociable animals are real climbing aces, curious and always active. Goats can feel good anywhere, even on the edge. Goats are simply the perfect symbol for carefree and happy meetings among friends, both in the urban jungle and on the alpine peaks. We find this connection perfectly combined in our MOUNTAIN‘S GOAT Alpen Tonic.

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