Our vision

To build a sustainable, intimate and friendly empire that brings uniqueness and greatness into a togetherness. To create an environment in which our Goaty lovers, employees, customers, and partners can experience their tasks with joy in life and in close connection with the environment.

"MOUNTAIN'S GOAT for us is a community where we want to bring people together to enjoy life and find something special in every day. Together we want to create something great that promotes fun and joy in life"

Julia + Lisa from MOUNTAIN'S GOAT

Our mission

We aim to create enjoyable lifestyle products that suit an urban and modern lifestyle while being in harmony with nature. We revolutionize existing products for end consumers with special, innovative ingredients such as terpenes, CBD, mushrooms for extended efficacy. Exceptional, sustainable and regionally relevant, in areas of the beverage and dietary supplement industries. MOUNTAIN'S GOAT focuses on the essential and beautiful, making every day special.

MOUNTAIN'S GOAT is more than just a brand. It is a philosophy of life.

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