Our vision

MOUNTAIN'S GOAT underlines moments of a good feeling of joy if living, in the here and now - in balance and connection, without clichés and a lot of frills. Themes such as minimalism, purism, mindfulness and fun are written large and implemented honestly and innovatively with the help of the Alpen Tonic with enjoyable ingredients but also the goat-like, sustainable reference.

"MOUNTAIN'S GOAT is a community for us where we want to bring people together to enjoy life and find something special in every day. Together we want to create something great that promotes fun and joy in life"


Julia + Lisa from MOUNTAIN'S GOAT

Our mission

We want to move mountains and inspire people with pleasure and joy of living.

It does not take much to have it all.

MOUNTAIN'S GOAT is more than just a brand. It is a philosophy of life.

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