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out of the ordinary.

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Mountain's Goat Alpen Tonic Getränk


The minimalist among the tonics

MOUNTAIN'S GOAT impresses with its extraordinary flavor compositions made from bitter alpine herbs. Wormwood, mugwort, rodwort, rue & lemon balm in combination with cannabis terpenes promise an enjoyable experience.

  • regional
  • △ free of chinin
  • △ reduced sugar
  • no THC

Made in the Austrian Alps.

Canabis Sativa L wird für Mountain's Goat verwendet

The Premium Tonic Water from the Alpine region likes to show itself from a completely natural, regional side.

Cannabis terpenes increase well-being in a natural and gentle way.

  • High quality cannabis terpenes
  • 100% all natural
  • Extracted directly from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant (EU certified)
  • No THC - no CBD
  • No hemp (seed) extract
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Ready for something new

MOUNTAIN‘S GOAT Alpen Tonic was specially developed for those who are a little different. The curious of this world. Those who feel attracted to everything that radiates joie de vivre. Who want to give this expression. But who are also aware of the environment and responsible enjoyment. Those who have the courage and fun to be among the first. In short, the avant-garde of good taste.

Frisches Getränk mit Mountain's Goat on the rocks

MOUNTAIN'S GOAT on the rocks

Enjoy MOUNTAIN'S GOAT on the rocks, as an alcohol-free aperitif or as a classic mixer.

Who are the goats behind MOUNTAIN'S GOAT?

Mountain's Goat liebt Ziegen

Oh by the way ... we love goats!

Goats? Yes goats… goats are probably the coolest animals around and perfectly represent the character of MOUNTAIN‘S GOAT. Playful, a little bold and with a lot of passion for life.

The sociable animals are real climbing aces, curious and always active. Goats can feel good anywhere, even on the edge. Goats are simply the perfect symbol for carefree and happy meetings among friends, both in the urban jungle and on the alpine peaks. We find this connection perfectly combined in our MOUNTAIN‘S GOAT Alpen Tonic.