MOUNTAIN’S GOAT Alpen Tonic – a deliciously bitter refreshing drink with high-quality herbs from the mountains of Austria.

Fresh air. Majestic mountains. Pure nature. Life is good ‘on the rocks’!

The Alps are like a green island in a sea of particulate matter. The purer air of the alpine altitude cleans the upper respiratory tract as well as the lungs. Also, the red blood cells get a vitalizing boost and oxygen can be better transported from the lungs to the brain and muscles.

But not only our body benefits from a day in the Alps, our mind also experiences a rush of happiness. An excursion into untouched nature increases self-confidence and has a mood-lifting effect. This is exactly the feeling we have turned into a refreshing drink.

Alpen Tonic – A drink for the curious of this world

With the project of MOUNTAIN’S GOAT we want to make every day special and this philosophy is also reflected in the ingredient list of our Alpen Tonic.

The minimalist among tonics gets its distinctive bittersweet flavor from regional herbs from the mountains of Austria. Wormwood, mugwort, rodwort and rue which through their different, tangy flavor and aroma profiles are a delight for all curious enjoyers.

Terpenes with cannabis profile (without THC) provide a special touch. Do you know who or what terpenes are? In short, they are the main component of essential oils produced in plants. They are responsible for everything that makes up the aroma, flavor, texture, color and temperature of plants. In our Alpen Tonic, natural terpenes are combined to create an aromatic profile from the famous cannabis strains Holy Grail Kush & High level. These strains enjoy wide popularity for their smell & taste components from spicy pine to refreshing citrus. 

Bitter alpine herbs & terpenes with cannabis profile (no THC)

All of our ingredients deserve their own spotlight, so feel free to browse our blog to learn more about how we assembled them!

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