There are plenty of animals that stand for qualities. The lion for strength, gazelles for speed and bears for serenity. At least, if you start from the Jungle Book! But how about the goat for balance?

Goats are simply the perfect symbol of carefree and happy get-togethers among friends, both in the urban jungle and on the Alpine peaks.

We took another look at the habits of sporty rock climbers and think you might like them too.

1. break your habits

Do you take the same route to work every morning? Try commuting in a different way at least once a week. Replace car/bus/train, for example, with a bike or grab your favorite colleague to walk together. Small changes in your daily routine are super mood boosters.

2. get out of your comfort zone

Ever thought of learning Spanish or riding a unicycle? Why not get started now! Even our four-legged companions, the goats, are always testing their limits. In addition to the new knowledge you gain, you also develop your personality. Why is that? Growth happens outside your comfort zone and not if you always stick with what you already know.

3. keep moving

Goats happily jump through the Alps over hill and dale every day. Make sure you get more exercise in your everyday life. Just turn up your favorite song really loud and dance! Feels strange? Then just close your eyes. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Laughter is to the soul what oxygen is to the lungs-, Louis de Funés

4. bring back the laughter

Much like goats, we also perceive a laughing person as more attractive & likeable than one with a serious face. Laughter is our superpower to become survivalists as well. Laughter reduces stress, stimulates digestion as well as metabolism and strengthens the immune system. It generally relaxes us and thus enhances our well-being.

5. drink plenty of fluids

The water requirement of an adult goat varies between 5 and 15 liters per day, depending on performance and daily temperature. So 2 liters should be manageable for us, right? A refreshing Alpen Tonic full of natural ingredients can also accompany you on your daily adventures – take a look at our online store.

We are happy to provide you with inspiration for a balanced lifestyle through our blog.

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