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MOUNTAIN’S GOAT stands for joie de vivre, lightness, curiosity and balance. Our drink from the mountains is inspired by the Alps of Austria and may call the Salzkammergut home.

We love our time in the mountains. From hiking to the slopes, the mountain world offers so many great facets, there’s something for everyone. We want to embody the same with our regional, refreshing tonic.

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That explains the Mountain in the name, but what has the Goat to do here?

Goats are simply brilliant! They are intelligent, cheeky, cunning and like to test their limits. We see them as absolute survivors who, like us, love mountaineering and feel comfortable on the edge.

Fun fact: Goats are not only extremely smart, they can also perceive. Goats interact more when you look friendly. However, if your facial expression is grim, they turn away and want nothing to do with you.

So, grab the best soft drink, a Mountain’s Goat in the flavor of your choice, and smile to the world.

With this blog we want to give you inspiration for lightness and joy of life, in articles from lifestyle to herbalism. And of course we offer you special mixer recipes with our extraordinary Alpen Tonic!

Meet us on the rocks or in the mountains.

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