A drink for explorers. MOUNTAIN’S GOAT Alpen Tonic combined with Burschik’s Vermouth Red.

Under the heading SIGNATURE DRINKS we present you our unique drink creations, which correspond grandiosely with the MOUNTAIN’S GOAT and promise a pleasurable experience. 

Summer at last and time for new discoveries

Summer temperatures mean more freedom. The mountains are calling, the urban jungle is buzzing, and leisure activities outside your own four walls can get underway. We’ve probably looked at the latter enough in recent months, too.

We look forward to rays of sunshine, new adventures and, of course, spending time together with our beloved herd. Just out and away from digital meetings and deep conversations with our houseplants. 

MOUNTAIN’S GOAT – Signature Drink:

**Mindful drinking: Replace Burschik’s Vermouth Red with a non-alcoholic alternative at 8cl. For example. Martini Vibranto Alcohol Free.**

Taste: Bittersweet and craving for more. Fill up your Alpen Tonic stock here & enjoy VER TO GO with your herd!

<img src="MOUNTAIN'S GOAT_Signature Drink_Ver_to_go.jpg" alt="Ein Drink für Entdecker. Alpen Tonic vereint mit Burschik’s Vermouth Red">

The components in the drink, good to know: 

Vermouth is a fortified wine mixed with herbs and spices. The most important ingredient is the wormwood herb (Artemisia Absinthium), which, together with the wine, forms the basis of the spirit. Traditionally, wormwood is produced in two variants: dry (white) vermouth and sweet (red) vermouth.

A drink among friends

For our VER TO GO, we found a great match in Burschik’s Vermouth Red. Although red vermouth is an absolute must-have in the home bar anyway, for cocktail classics like Negroni & Manhatten, it can still reinvent itself again and again.

In combination with our finely bitter MOUNTAIN’S GOAT, with alpine herbs, lemon balm & terpenes with cannabis profile the ultimate drink for this summer! 

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