A drink that transports you to the mountain world. MOUNTAIN’S GOAT Alpine Tonic combined with Zirbenlikör.

Under the heading -ON THE ROCKS- we present you our signature drinks, which correspond grandiosely with the MOUNTAIN’S GOAT and promise an enjoyable experience.

Just take a deep breath 

Why wander far and wide when good things are so close. In this case, right on our doorstep, in the mountains of Austria. A drink that combines memories of wellness days in the mountains, family trips to the forest and bliss through its aroma.

A real MOUNTAIN`S GOAT moment occurs when you stop for a moment and concentrate on the essential. You, the now and your infusion – It doesn`t take much to have it all. 

MOUNTAIN’S GOAT – Signature Drink:

Taste: When you close your eyes and surrender to the pleasure, you are reminded of a walk through a forest, rain in spring and pure nature.

The components in the drink, good to know: 

For the production of Zirbenlikör the cones of the Zirbenbaumes are used. These are harvested between the end of June and mid-July, as they are then particularly well in the juice and are therefore ideal for production. The Zirbenlikör is a real specialty of Austria and so popular that the Zirbenzapfenernte is regulated by law. That’s what we call a precious commodity!

Likewise the Zirbenlikör is gladly used for different cold complaints or drunk before going to sleep. Of course, one should not drink alcohol in masses. If you drink it in moderation in this case, however, it definitely has positive properties for the human body. The essential oils it contains contribute to relaxation and general well-being.

Enjoy your mountain moment with our infusion!

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